Business Analyst

Company Name:
The Lawton Group
The overall purpose of this role is to add value to our client's relationships
with Product Sponsors by developing and delivering a wide range of reports and
communications that will keep sponsors informed of critical information and to
engage them in true partnership with our firm. Additional objectives are to
support the SR team by supporting and at times leading projects that require
sponsor engagement with our Operations, Technology and Accounting Depts.
o Development, Maintenance and Delivery of a wide range of reports and analysis
for the benefit of nearly 100client's Sponsors. Some reports are for mass or
group audiences, some are for individual sponsor firms or small groups of
firms. Creative development of sales, asset and activity reports and the
ability to seek and discover new opportunities where reporting can add value to
sponsor relationships is critical to this role.
o Support SR Team and Sponsor firms by managing projects and initiatives that
require sponsor engagement and partnership with Operations, Compliance,
Technology, Accounting and GRC.
o Project Support
1. Coordinate, streamline and manage the relationship between and its sponsors.
2. Engage w/ other internal departments to create or amend agreements with sponsors
as needed for the project.
3. Organize and track project progress to ensure timely completion.
o Potentially support administrative assistant on an as-needed basis
Essential Functions:
o Sponsor reporting. Development, Maintenance and Delivery of Advisor lists,
sales reports, asset reports, activity data etc. that will add value to sponsor
relationships. Develop and prepare reports for executives, including our OOC
Members, to help them prepare for sponsor meetings.
o Communication. Create and maintain a variety of sponsor contact lists to
facilitate a wide range of communications that need to be delivered to groups
of sponsors. Create and maintain process for delivery of regular, recurring
communications to sponsors that will add value to partnerships (weekly, monthly,
quarterly, twice a year and annual) and creatively seek content that will be
valued by sponsors. Execute delivery in timely manner. Also manage ad hoc
communications to sponsors as needed to keep them informed of news, events and
items of special interest to our sponsors.
Job Requirements:
Minimum Education Required: BS
Minimum Industry Experience Required: (including years of experience) 2
Licenses/Certifications Preferred: Series 7 & 63/65.
Software/Systems Skills Required: Basic MS with high level excel competency
List any Soft Skills required for the position: (Communication, Multi-Tasking,
Communication and relationship skills. Analytic and excel skills.

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