IVR Engineer

Company Name:
KRG Technologies Inc.
Role: IVR Engineer
Location: Charlotte, NC
Role :
Solutions Designer for Voice Biometric/Speech Recognition based telephony/banking applications.
BFSI Domain Knowledge.
7-8 years of experience in design, development, solutions.
IVR Development.
Java/J2EE development experience.

Skill Matrix:

Candidate Self Rating
Years of Experience
Basic Knowledge
Voice Biometrics /Speech Recognition



BFSI Domain

Thanks & Regards
Bharath kumar
KRG Technologies Inc.
25000 Avenue Stanford Suite 243 Valencia, CA 91355
Direct Phone: 661-367-8000 EX: 505 Fax: (661) 257-9968
Email: URL: www.krgtech.com
Add me on yahoo: Chidurala_bharath
Add me on Gtalk: bharathkumar_krg
KRG has been recognized as MVS - Star Partner by HCL

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